Ancestral Journeys: End-of-Life Wisdom in Torah and Midrash

A four-part mini course exploring wisdom for dealing with the unique challenges of life and death today. Through study and reflection on the lives of our Biblical ancestors we shall discover helpful guidelines for responding to end-of-life transitions and encounters with the unknown in pandemic times. This course will be presented on Zoom platform, using a display of visual collages to highlight texts of Torah and Midrash we shall study. 

SUGGESTED READING: Simcha Raphael, Living and Dying in Ancient Times – Death, Burial and Mourning in Biblical Tradition, Albion-Andalus Books, 2015.


  • Abraham’s Cultural Dislocation and Infertility: From Refugee to Man of Destiny
  • Isaac’s Midlife Transition: The Akedah as a Near-Death Experience
  • Jacob’s Deathbed Finale: Family Drama and Trauma at the End-of-Life
  • Carrying Joseph’s Bones: Sinai Procession As A Funeral Ritual

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