Ann Arbor’s Jewish Community Relations Committee

A note from Jewish Community Relations Committee’s (JCRC) Chair, Decky Alexander:

Don’t take the burdens of the world’s problems upon yourself.
Don’t ignore them either.- Babylonian Talmud

Last fall, the Federation convened conversations across the community through Conversations with Seven, a series focused on bringing various aspects of our Jewish community together to learn from one another and cultivate relationships. Through those conversations, we created the Jewish Community Relations Committee’s guiding principles to:

  • Foster and build collaborative relationships with other faith, ethnic, and cultural communities.
  • Be visible and present in the greater community during times of crisis and on vital social issues.
  • Be intentionally and actively involved in key issues impacting the Jewish community and the community at large.
  • Educate concerning relevant local and global issues.

A bi-weekly newsletter is one way in which we will ignite these guiding principles. I hope it will serve as a bridge between our current world of visual closeups and physical distance, and inspire us individually and/or collectively to be more visible, educate ourselves on local and global issues, and build relationships.

In the coming months, I look forward to sharing JCRC’s continuing development as well as bringing in different voices and ideas from our community and beyond. Similar to our Conversations with Seven series, each newsletter may have a different format or topic but its underlying theme will be connecting one another to local and national issues of concern in our Jewish and broader community.

Thank you,
Jessica ‘Decky’ Alexander
JCRC Chair

Questions, comments, and more, [JCRC] want[s] to hear from you! What issues are important to you, as a Jewish or Jewish-adjacent person living in Washtenaw County? Please drop us a line a and we will be in touch.