Sing a New Song: Psalms Showcase Featuring Cantor Linda Hirschhorn, Rabbi David Shneyer, and friends

Date: Sunday, August 16th Time: 7:30 pm EDTCost: Pay-what-you-can (Proceeds go directly to supporting ALEPH)Cantor Linda Hirschhorn is a performing singer/songwriter/composer and story-teller. Raised in an orthodox community, she has served as Cantor in Conservative, Reform, Renewal and Reconstructionist settings. Her compositions (choice of words, melodies and harmonies) are a reflection of the expansive nature of what she understands the... Continue Reading →

Jewish Meditation Resumes Today

Linda Leah Greene is back with Jewish Meditation sessions every Thursday at 1:00 pm ET. Check the Pardes Hannah calendar for the Zoom link, or contact Linda directly for the link and to ask any questions. Today, we have left the period of Lamentations culminating in Tish b'Av and shifted into the energy of love... Continue Reading →

Embodying Your Jewish Practice

Dates: August 2, 9, 16, and 23Time: 4 - 6 pm EDT (1 - 3 pm PDT)Cost: Pay-what-you-can (100% of donations go directly to supporting ALEPH)Presenter: Rabbi Diane Elliot If you've been longing to enter into Jewish practice and learning in a more fully embodied way, this class is for you. We'll begin each session... Continue Reading →

The World is Changing and We Are Changing, Too: An Intergenerational Conversation for This Moment

Dates: Sundays: July 26, August 9, and September 13(You can attend just one or all three!)Time: 7 pm EDT (4 pm PDT)Cost: Pay-what-you-can Led by: Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife and Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder Join us for an intergenerational conversation in this era of physical distancing. We will explore some of the big questions that have arisen during this time and create... Continue Reading →

Hearing a New Harmony

We are entering the new moon of the Hebrew month of Av, the most emotionally intense month in our yearly cycle.  Av contains both the day of greatest tragedy and sorrow in the Jewish calendar, Tisha B’Av, a day of mourning the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, and the day of greatest... Continue Reading →

Join Our Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle

Photo by Pixabay on Rosh Chodesh Women's CircleThursday, July 23, 7:00 PM We will be welcoming in the new moon of Av, a time of  emotional intensity and volatility.  Join us as we ground and center ourselves in our connection to the earth, each other, and the Shechinah through chant, movement, meditation, and deep... Continue Reading →

Please Join Us for Online Davening to Celebrate Rosh Chodesh Av

Photo by luizclas on Rosh Chodesh Online MinyanWednesday July 22nd, 9 am - 10:15 am ET Pardes Hannah's Rosh Chodesh Online Minyan meets monthly to celebrate the new moon, weaving davening with teachings from Kabbalah on the unique qualities of each Hebrew month that offer special opportunities for inner reflection and spiritual growth. During Av we are invited to focus on the spiritual quality of deep listening. ... Continue Reading →

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