Be Happy! It’s Purim!!

Purim festivities with brief Megillah reading, song, and virtual hijinks. Come in costume or filter. Hamantashen optional.

Thursday, February 25, 2021, 7-8 PM.

Meeting ID: 959 6742 1473
Passcode: 456857

Also featuring:

  1. Exclusive to Pardes Hannah: A recently uncovered letter from Queen Esther to our Gabrielle
  2. A few spirited songs for the season: I’m thinking a selection from Chag Purim, Mechayev Inish, Shoshanat Yaakov, and Once there was a wicked wicked man…And in a contemporary vibe, Galeet Dardashti’s gorgeous feminist piyut Vashti!
  3. Some brief words of humorous Torah and maybe even a Purim Kiddush. Together we can turn the art of Co-Vorting into silly and holy Ca-Vorting!!
  4. And if there’s interest, we could even discuss this beautiful article by friend, student, and teacher, Reb Rabbi Irwin Keller, formerly of the Kinsey Sicks. One of the few rabbis I know who was also a drag queen.

So, come as you almost are or might nonetheless wish to be: bring your shtreiml, your kutchme, your funny hat, your cutting-edge costume, or a mask that covers the upper part of your face (le-havdil!) or try out that new Zoom filter you’ve been dying to try: “I’m not a cat.” Re-Tort:  I’m not a lawyer.” And feel free to bring a hamantasch or a delicacy of choice (extra credit for poppy), and/or beverage that brings good cheer. 

Shoekh Monos, gift-exhange you ask? We will exchange Presence (if not presents) virtual Mishloach Manot for the COVID-era, (mitzvah #2). And to flag mitzvah #3 for Purim: think about where you might make a meaningful tzedakah contribution. Well, 3 out o4 ain’t bad.  I guess that leaves the sumptuous feast, the Purim Seudah… (mitzvah #4, inshallah, next year together in Shushan ha-beer-aaaah!)

Here’s hoping you and your loved ones are ok, that Spring will ease the Wintering. Sending love and blessings for a freilikhn Purim, a joyous Purim, חג פורים שמחחחחחחחח! Here’s to expressing joy and a little cavorting!

Meow (I am a cat), Reb Elliot