Bulk Discount on The Promise of the Land Haggadah by Rabbi Ellen Bernstein until March 20, 2020

The Promise of the Land Haggadah understands that the freedom we celebrate on Passover depends on the earth’s well-being. If the earth and its systems are compromised, our freedom is compromised. Life itself is compromised. 

Now more than ever, we need holiday celebrations to inspire and embolden us to turn our hearts, minds and efforts towards the earth and all her creatures. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day this April affords us a special opportunity to help mobilize our communities.  

Thirty years ago, with the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, Rabbi Ellen Bernstein launched Shomrei Adamah, the first national Jewish environmental organization. This year, she is working to help re-invigorate the Jewish environmental movement by seeding and supporting community-wide Passover Earth Seders in advance of Earth Day. Already many communities in different pockets of the world are planning their Earth Seders.

If you are interested in hosting a Passover Earth Seder, you are welcome to contact Rabbi Ellen with your thoughts or questions. Look for an Earth Seder Facebook group coming soon for additional resources and opportunities and to share your ideas and sign up for webinars. 

Until March 20, you can receive a discount of 50% on orders of 50 or more. For more information or to order, visit https://www.thepromiseoftheland.com/.

Individual copies are also available at bookstores and online from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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