A New Modah Ani

Bayit: Building Jewish has blogged A New Melody for Gratitude, featuring this visually and aurally beautiful YouTube Video of Modah Ani by Rabbi Bella Bogart. The video features both feminine and traditional masculine language for God.

Renewal Resources for Times of Crisis

Rabbi Shefa Gold blogs for ALEPH that "Fear is … Fantasized Experiences Appearing as  Real" Her post, Spiritual Curriculum for this Time of Pandemic: Working With Fear, is a grounded perspective on facing our fears and rising above them. As she says, "This time of pandemic holds an extraordinary opportunity for facing our fears, turning... Continue Reading →

Announcing the Pardes Hannah YouTube Channel

Pardes Hannah is now on YouTube. Pardes Hannah Channel If you missed last week's session for counting the Omer, you can find the recording there. More to come! Not all Zoom sessions are recorded, and not all recorded sessions are visible without the direct link. If you have a question about a particular session, contact... Continue Reading →

Resources & Practice for Jewish Meditation

Websites The Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaism The Awakened Heart Project promotes meditation in a Jewish context, drawing on both traditional Jewish contemplative practices and methods from other traditions both ancient and modern. Their website covers both theory and practice, and has a wealth of information and instruction. In addition to their own articles,... Continue Reading →

Nesting: A Poem by Lucinda Kurtz

Nesting   Sitting patientlyProtected in the corner nest from the spikes and tangled lines that surround the sacred spaceSlowly breathing in and outSilentStillEyes openBeak pressed against the thatchWarm and comfortingShe waitsShe waitsShe waitsDay after dayBreathing in and outLiving in eternal time. Coocou coocou  coocou coocouHer mate flies in from the nearby rooftopTo cover the cherished... Continue Reading →

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