I Will Walk with You

From Reb Elliot: ...the gorgeous, stirring call and response song by my friend (and former student!) Hazzan Jessi Roemer, of West Philadelphia, with her Walk with You, based on Isaiah 43:2 "When you cross through the waters I will walk with you..[Don't be afraid]: כי תעבור במים אתך אני" I Will Walk with You

Haftarah for the Earth

"At The Shalom Center ‘s request, Hazzan Jack Kessler and his student Daniella Forstater actually created an intergenerational English-language Haftarah – the medium is the message ----  for our day by taking passages from Greta Thunberg’s famous UN speech on saving Earth from utter destruction and intertwining it with passages from Malachi, shaping the passages on saving Earth... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: Did You Know?

These days, it seems like everything is canceled or moved online. How can you keep track of it all? Check out some of these resources for information on what's what, and how you can help. The Jewish Federation of Ann Arbor has a page devoted to Community Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources.So does Jewish Family Services (JFS).The... Continue Reading →

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