Chant Circle March 1, 2020: Adar & Purim Joy!

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It will be Adar, the month of increasing JOY, the joy in the Oneness of God! Highlighted by the holiday of Purim, we are to chase away negativity and our yetzer harah (“bad impulses”).

To do this we will immerse ourselves in the joy of relationship with the divine and each other as shining facets of the Holy Jewel. This will be the warm up for celebrating Purim, allowing our joy to spill over into silliness. There will be costuming accessories provided and cavorting with wine and juice! Feel free to come in your own costume or favorite Esther/Vashti accessory. 

Please RSVP (even with maybe) to


  • 10:45 am Gather & Tea
  • 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Chant & Reflect 


1) We start our joyful journey toward our shining selves.

2) What little miracles and synchronicities have offered you joyful changes recently or in the past?

3) Honor your feminine wisdom as a source of Joy!

4) We invite the joy of Presence to replace all else.

For location, questions, and to RSVP, email Linda Greene,