Connect to the Song that is Singing Us

Chant Circle Sunday, February 7, 2021

10:45 AM EST Optional Gather to check in & BYO Tea
11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST Chant & Reflect
Meeting ID: 966 1226 5715
Passcode: 788425

Please RSVP to Linda Leah even with a maybe. Text her if you have problems with Zoom.

Dear companions in connection to “The Song that Sings Us,”

Ever since seeing a video about creative names of God I have been noticing evocative Names of God as I encounter them, like this one. Each one seems a way of opening to the promise of unity with the One as affirmed in our watchword, YHVH Echad, God is One. Each of us experiences the yearning for and occasional immersion in the sense of being part of the unifying Whole of Creation in a unique way. Let’s explore one path leading us to living our lives as a full expression of the Divine Song that is singing us.

  1. We start immersed in the ahava raba the great love YHVH has for us, creating the safe container in which we can risk transformation.
  2. Feeling safe and loved we can accept the mystery of the unknown in our lives to start building trust through acceptance and surrender that guidance will come.
  3. In safety, love, & trust we can heighten our awareness of the world’s & our own beauty and holiness as part of the multifaceted jewel of Creation.
  4. We ground our practice in gratitude, hope and joy.
  5. As in ancient days we invite dancing & singing to embody our faith & delight in the Song that is singing us.

Linda Leah Greene