Gardening in the Soil of the Heart: Gratefulness, Courage, Compassion, and Joy

Join Pardes Hannah and Rabbi Shefa Gold in a virtual retreat, Gardening in the Soil of the HeartGratefulness, Courage, Compassion, and Joy. This retreat will be offered 11:15 am–1:00 pm on four consecutive Sundays starting August 23, 2020.

Through chant, self-examination, conversation, prayer, and imagery, travel a path of intention that explores the qualities of gratefulness, courage, compassion, and joy. Find within yourself a fertile garden and learn how to consciously grow the qualities that best serve you in facing the challenges of this time. Learn how to cultivate exactly what you need to live a holy life and plant a precious seed in the soil of your heart, so you can overcome obstacles, inspire growth, and nurture your Divine potential.