Integrative Elul Practice Workshop

During the month of Elul, which immediately precedes the High Holy Days, we begin the process of cheshbon hanefesh, of taking stock of our lives. It is a potent time for introspection and a catalyst for profound renewal.

In this 4-session workshop, we will provide tools to cultivate and nurture an Elul practice by exploring ways to refine and transform middot (deep values and soul traits) from a Kabbalistic perspective. Each week we will concentrate on a particular middah through meditation, chanting, journaling, and small group interaction.

We will also tap into Reb Zalman Schacter-Shalomi’s Age-ing-to-Sage-ing wisdom to help participants release old patterns and harvest gems from life experience to support them on this Elul journey. We will conclude with blasts from the shofar to open us to new possibilities of the new year.

4 Sessions, 1 hour each:

Tuesdays: August 30 and September 6, 13, & 20, 2022

7:30-8:30 pm ET

Participants can join us for any or all of the 4 sessions, but preregistration is required.

The workshop is free, but of course, we appreciate donations.


Gabrielle Pescador (ALEPH Ordination Program Rabbinical and Cantorial Student)

Lucinda Kurtz, M.A. (Yerusha Sage-ing Mentor)

Oran Hesterman, Ph.D. (Baal Tokea, Master of the Shofar Blast)