It’s Time for Membership Renewals

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Dear Members and Friends of Pardes Hannah:

Warm greetings as we prepare to welcome a new spiritual year. Once again, out of an abundance of caution, in recognition of the uncertainty of the pandemic’s continued unfolding, and to honor the differing situations and degrees of comfort throughout our community, we will be celebrating the new year and day of atonement virtually on Zoom. Over the past year, we have learned and worshiped together in this way. We have come to realize that even though we may be physically separate, we still find strength, comfort, and community in our virtual togetherness. We invite you to be part of our community and to join us in our High Holiday services led by Rabbi Elliot Ginsburg.

Each year the Pardes Hannah community selects a theme to guide us through the Days of Awe. Community members reflect on this theme, and at various points during the services, share some way its key concepts have resonated in our lives. In addition to the traditional themes of turning and renewal, this year’s theme is “Surfing the Ebb and Flow,” or in Hebrew veha-hayyut ratzo va-shov, meaning that the life force—the divine energy—flows out and returns, ebbs and flows. This verse, based on a kabbalistic reading of Ezekiel 1:14, captures a fundamental truth:  that our lives, indeed life itself, is in constant motion, rising and falling, like the tide itself, in a dance of ebb and flow.

Our services are open to members and non-members alike. Contributions for participation in the service are much appreciated, as are contributions to help support the ongoing work of Pardes Hannah. We ask you to please renew your membership in Pardes Hannah or consider joining for the first time. The cost of membership is $360 per person or $720 per family, payable by check or PayPal. Adjustments can be made based on need.

Those who make a full membership contribution of $360 per person by August 30, 2021, will receive a printed copy of the Pardes Hannah High Holidays Machzor.

Your membership and donations support Pardes Hannah events: Shabbat morning services, Kabbalat Shabbat, study sessions, meditation, Rosh Chodesh celebrations, holiday events, Counting the Omer, and many others. Your generosity goes directly to the costs of our programs, such as Zoom, our website, and most importantly, our rabbi. There is no overhead – all the work is done by volunteers who give generously of their time to make our events happen. Please support them, our community, and those who cannot contribute but need our community by giving generously in the spirit of the new year.

For more information, visit the Pardes Hannah website ( or contact Renee Robbins at 734-761-5324.

Shanah tovah u-metukah

May we be inscribed for life
and be graced with many moments of sweetness
in the coming year.