Rosh Chodesh Adar Minyan, Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 9am-10 am ET

blue and white sky with stars

Our minyan meets every month to celebrate the new moon, weaving davening with teachings from Kabbalah on the unique qualities of each Hebrew month. As we enter Adar, the rabbis say that we are to increase our joy, which at this time is particularly challenging. In addition to dealing with our daily struggles, our hearts are breaking over the victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey and gun violence at Michigan State University. In gathering for Rosh Chodesh we hope to bring more light into our lives even as we acknowledge our pain and sorrow.

Davening Leaders: Linda Leah Greene, Lucinda Kurtz, Hazzan Gabrielle Pescador and Dalinda Reese

For added security, we are asking people to register in advance for this meeting:

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וְרֹ֥ב שָׁ֝ל֗וֹם עַד־בְּלִ֥י יָרֵֽחַ. אמן. סלה.
An abundance of peace until the moon is no more. Amen. Selah.
(Psalms 72:7)