Rosh Chodesh Circle, Monday, January 3, 2022, 7:00 PM EST


Come and celebrate the new moon of Shevat with us in our next Rosh Chodesh Circle on Monday, January 3 at 7:00 PM. In this Shmita year of 5782, we will ground ourselves to the earth plane and listen intently to how we can contribute to our planet’s healing and the healing of relationships that have been damaged. This month of Shevat will usher us in to a time of new beginnings and renewed creativity.  

For a ritual that Jane Blumenthal will lead on Monday evening, please bring to your zoom screen the following items if possible: a candle, a stone (anything from a piece of gravel from the driveway to a crystal that has significance), a small bowl of water, a small amount of oil (this can be an essential oil, olive oil, or any other type of vegetable oil), and a journal. With ritual and movement, Jane and Megan Sims will help us release the old year and embrace new possibilities.

Join us as we dive deep and connect intimately with each other in this new year of 2022, walking in the footsteps of our ancestors while blazing new trails with our intuition and wisdom.

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These are the times of the Rosh Chodesh Circles for the first part of 2022, all on zoom at 7:00 PM:
Monday, January 3 – Shevat
Monday, January. 31. –  Adar I
Thursday, March 3 – Adar II
Monday, April 4 – Nisan
Monday, May 2 – Iyar
Tuesday, May 31- Sivan

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