Rosh Chodesh Circle on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 7 PM

Welcome in the Hebrew month of Adar.  After the heaviness and anxiety of these past months, we step into a very different energy that invites us to laugh and find joy and delight in each other and the world around us.

Megan will lead us in some movement and dance to rouse our spirits and help us shake off the darkness of this long winter. We’ll chant and raise our voices to sing of the new possibilities on the horizon. 

This is the month we celebrate the holiday of Purim and honor our brave foremother, Esther, who had the courage and integrity to step forward at a critical time to change the fate of the Jewish people.  It is traditional to dress up in costumes and masks to heighten the merry making during this celebration.  So please, if you have some wonderful dress, forgotten mask, flowing scarf, or flowers for your hair, just bedeck and bejewel yourself and come and join us in the festivities. All are welcome!


Zoom Meeting
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Passcode: 473688

The next Rosh Chodesh Circles will meet:

  • Sunday, March 14 – Nisan
  • Monday, April 12 Iyar
  • Tuesday, May 11 – Sivan