Rosh Chodesh Circle – Sunday, July 11, 2021 – 7:00 PM – Zoom

silhouette of trees during golden hour

Please join us for the next Rosh Chodesh Circle on Sunday, July 11 on Zoom. We will be entering the Hebrew month of Av, the month that holds the polar opposites of joy and sorrow and invites us to find some balance in the midst of the emotional fire storm of this energy. It is with our ability to listen carefully and hear the deeper truth of what is being spoken that we create healing and wholeness in the midst of the chaos and dissolution around us.  

We are starting to use these monthly Circles not only to welcome and acknowledge the qualities of each month, but also to channel our collective and focused healing energy to ourselves, each other and the larger earth body. In this way, we acknowledge and tap into the unique source of collective wisdom and power that emanates from these evolving Circles and send healing out to places and beings that are desperately in need of our energy.

Please join us to magnify the power and energy of our Circle.


Zoom Meeting

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