Selichot this Saturday Evening

This Saturday, August 12, 2020 at 8:30 PM, Reb Elliot will lead us in preparing and attuning for the Days of Awe.

Here we are at the threshold of a new year, al ha-saf. What a year it has been…and what a year it promises to be, as we are all filled with Memories and Not-Knowing, holding both sadness and hope, dread and possibility –the opportunity for tikkun, to a greater healing. It’s been a year in which pandemic and political malevolence (at the highest reaches) has upturned lives, brought us face to face with our mortality; a year in which hearts have been broken open again and again. Yet, as Shefa Gold has reminded us, it has been a year filled with the opportunity day in day out to rebalance and to practice gratitude, courage, compassion, and yes, joy! 

As the leaves begin to turn, so too are we invited to turn: to attune, realign, reflect on our life-choices, and live closer to our core. It is a time to turn our judgements into curiosity, to re-embrace our commitments, and to let go of some of the detritus of the past year.

Social Distancing does not require Spiritual Distancing, even for those of us who crave more skin to skin contact. In that spirit, you are invited to join us, starting with Havdalah (aka kiddush for the new week) and then with a chance to prepare for the high holidays and new year through chanting the melodies of the season, brief text study, and time for sharing and deep reflection. What, we ask, has been the key learning of the past year?

This is a chance to open the Gates of the Heart, to see old friends, meet new ones, a chance to prime our spiritual pump, and to create channels of Readiness for what is a-borning in 5781….

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