Shabbat Morning Davvenen/Services Tomorrow (Saturday, October 9, 2021) at 10:00 AM on Zoom

close up of a book in hebrew

Dear all,

Before I say more, here’s the link to our services, starting at 10 am ET tomorrow.

Happy Marcheshvan, a month in which we celebrate the holiness of the Everyday. Coming after the flurry of holidays in the month of Tishrei, Heshvan, which began on Thursday, is a month without special holidays…except in Ethiopian Jewish tradition, in which the holiday of Sigd is celebrated at the month’s end, 50 days after Yom Kippur!

And (I can already feel the tide rising), Shabbat is coming…and so, tomorrow we will be gathering on Zoom to mark Shabbat Noach. This Shabbat we celebrate the Rainbow Covenant with the Earth (which so needs renewal in our day)…and the diversity of species. 

Come for prayer and chant, brief meditation and blessing, for sharing and Torah study. We will dedicate some key moments to the Rainbow Covenant, and to the deeper meaning of the Noah story.

In Hebrew Noach means the Restful One, as though to say (as Arthur Waskow has noted), only a restful one can really bring about Peace/Shalom/Salaam/Wholeness. Or as I say, a Pax on all our houses. Or do you say, meow, ruff ruff, tweet, ribbit: We especially invite you to bring your furry family members to our Shabbat gathering—and not just the hirsute human in your midst…but your beloved animals!

Again, here’s the Zoomlink:

Shabbat shalom u-menucha, may this be a joyful and restful Shabbat,
Reb Elliiot