Shavuot Chant Circle, May 31, 2020

We will prepare ourselves, open to, and invite in receiving our personal Torah. Please join us as we stand at Sinai together.

May 31, 2020, 10 AM to Noon

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For those who are new to chant:

Chant as a tool for opening to personal spiritual connection: A brief group intention/kavannah is offered for each chant. Text is attached with an audio link for each chant  if you wish to preview or practice. It is not a prerequisite to come prepared and only a few ever do. 

Each person is invited to set their own private intention/kavannah for each chant as we move through. After chanting each chant long enough to get out of our left brain we sit in silence to receive at the spiritual, emotional, sensate, or intellectual level to whatever the chant has opened for us.

People are invited to share or reflect (optional) after the silence and then we move to the next chant.

For those who have been counting the Omer this is the culmination of 49 days of reflection on how best to embody and radiate our Divine attributes and to appreciate the splendor of creation in all life around us. 

For all of us this day commemorates the receiving of Torah at Mt Sinai, the seminal moment of encounter between the Holy One and all of those souls present at that time, and the future eternal now, who struggle with this most intimate relationship.

We will spend our time opening to receive the flow/shefa of Shekinah / Divine Presence, and how we might share the expression of that  personal Torah for the coming year. 

10am – 12 noon ET Chant & Reflect

(This is long for a Zoom. You may come late or leave early but to receive the most pick a time you can sustain at least an hour)

Enjoy traditional dairy treats before, during, and after as you wish!

Please RSVP (even with maybe). We will choose from among a large selection of chants attached below, as inspired by the energy of those of us who gather on Zoom. 

Kavannot & Links to songs:

  1. We start with the willingness to prepare our souls for this journey and to be open to the unknown .
  2. We hear the call of the Divine inviting us on the journey.
  3. Next we open to the yearning of our souls to love and serve, to be part of YHVH Echad expressing on the planet. An Appetite for Holiness:
  4. We are gifted with the tools of Torah and the notion of Divine guidance and inspiration being available to us. A New Covenant:
  5. We bring our rich humanity of life experience to the effort of receiving our personal teaching/guidance for the year. Personal Torah: contact Linda Leah for recording.
  6. It is traditional to study  the Book of Ruth on Shavuot. We invoke the strong feminine presence of Ruth’s living into her Divine purpose. Contact Linda Leah for More than Enough mp3 file. 
  7. We pray to see through the layers that veil our authentic Torah.
  8. We seek a heartbased engagement with and commitment to doing mitzvot and expressing personal purpose. Eyes Hearts and Hands: V’ha’ayr aynaynu:
  9. We commit to full expression of manifesting our Holy assignments. Manifesting Torah:
  10. We express our gratitude and the delight of living in faith & hope for these gifts. Gratitude and Hope: Modim ananchnu Lach

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