This Saturday’s Shabbat service will be online only

by Reb Elliot Ginsburg

To honor Shabbat and to honor the practice of social distancing, we will be meeting virtually this Shabbat, Parashat Ki Tissa, on Zoom. I will be able to post the texts from our Siddur, so that all will be able to join in. My guess is that we will end shortly after noon. A virtual kiddush will follow. Bring your own wine/grape juice, and the gluten-rich/gluten free challah of your choice. 😉

In these times, hinei mah tov u-mah na’im shevet kullanu gam yahad, How good it is for all of us to e-gather and to connect heart to heart. As one friend put it, this is a time to breathe together, just not on each other!!
Where will gather to pray, chant, davven, learn Torah, share words? On Zoom.

Blessings for health, resilience, and taking care of ourselves. Shabbat shalom, a sweet shabbes to all

–Reb Elliot