Virtual Study and Practice Session (The Zohar) Sunday, May 17, 2020, 11:00am – 1:00pm

The focus of these sessions will be The Zohar (the Book of  Radiance), surely the central (and most richly evocative) work of Spanish Kabbalah. This paradigm-shifting work, written in a lyrical neo-Aramaic, betrays an artist’s sense of language. Avoiding rigid categorization, The Zohar likes to speak of divinity and other “secrets” in fluid terms of light and water: flashing sparks, deep wells, springs, and flowing rivers. At once a narrative recounting the spiritual adventures of wandering heroes and a mystical midrash on Torah, The Zohar attained a sort of canonical status from the 15th century onward.

The purpose of these sessions is to enable participants to learn how to read The Zohar and and to enter its symbolic universe, to hear its inner music. (It is Reb Elliot’s further hope that its creativity and spiritual depth will stimulate yours!) Among the themes we will explore are: Nature Mysticism; Awakening and Spiritual Improvisation; Shifting Modes of Consciousness; Spiritual Friendship and the Mysticism of the Group; The Language of the Sefirot, aka a God that Dances; Gendering (queer and not-so), and the Symbolization of the Shekhinah, the Feminine Divine Immanence; The Mystical Sabbath; Entering the Mystical Dark, The Mystery; and The Mysticism of Love.

While each session is self-standing, the sequence of courses is designed to cumulatively deepen your appreciation of this mystical masterpiece. Our text study will be enriched by conversation and spiritual practices. Texts will be provided in English, Aramaic, and Hebrew.

For texts and questions, contact Rabbi Ginsburg,

Meeting ID: 994 3189 7524
Password: 002009