We Have a Match: Latest News from Jewish Congregations Organized for Resettlement

brown cardboard box on white bed

Jewish Congregations Organized for Resettlement (JCOR) is excited to announce that we have been matched with a Central American family of four—two adults and two teenagers—arriving August 17, 2022. Everything is in motion for JCOR, in collaboration with Jewish Family Services (JFS) of Washtenaw County, to meet, greet, and support them in this new part of their lives.

While we are receiving expert guidance and support from JFS, JCOR needs your help in the following areas to make this a stunning success. Please contact either Linda Jo Doctor or Renee Robbins if you have a lead on any of this.

Spanish Speakers

Fluent or nearly fluent volunteer Spanish speakers are required to facilitate communication between the family and JCOR volunteers.


The family requires a three-bedroom home/apartment that is available for one year, beginning no later than September. Reasonable rent and accessible bus lines are priority considerations. If you own available property like this, or if you know someone who does, let us know.  Also please share this request with your own networks of associates and acquaintances. It’s time to try every avenue to meet this need.

Furniture and Other Furnishings

The family needs household goods, personal care supplies, and furniture.  Please visit the furniture and furnishings donor list to donate these items. Be sure to note the detailed instructions on that site about what is needed and how to submit it. Contact Patty Benson (pbenson@comcast.net) for clarification.

Move-In Volunteers

As soon as housing is secured, we will need volunteers with strong backs (& arms & legs) to move the family’s furnishings into their new home. Let us know if this is something you can help with, and we’ll be sure you have the date, time, and location as soon as we know it.

Transportation/On-Call Volunteers

We need volunteers who can provide transportation to the family. Some requests will be known in advance, while others may be last-minute requests due to circumstances. If you can help with this, please complete this volunteer driver sign-up form.


JFS recommends collecting up to $20,000 over the course of the family’s first year, a benchmark we are closing in on. If you wish to play your part in meeting this goal, please visit the secure Federation/JCOR donation site.

JCOR is a collaboration among Beth Israel Congregation, Jewish Cultural Society, Ann Arbor Orthodox Minyan, Pardes Hannah, Ann Arbor Reconstructionist Congregation, Temple Beth Emeth, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor, which provides fiduciary oversight for all funds donated and disbursed in support of JCOR. We are grateful to the volunteers, donors, and Boards of Directors of these congregations who collectively make JCOR possible, and we look forward to the next exciting steps in this critical and joyous expression of Tikkun Olam.

Thank you for your timely and generous consideration of this request!

JCOR Pardes Hannah Co-Leads,

Renee Robbins (reneerobbins60@gmail.com) & Linda Jo Doctor (ljd@wkkf.org)