Zohar: Study and Practice, Sunday March 14, 2021, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

What a relief that Spring seems to be here, and that vaccine is so much more accessible, and that COVID relief is on the way. Deep breath and gratitude, as we get ready to enter this Shabbat!!

This coming Sunday, on the heels of out shift to Daylight Savings Time, we will be meeting for our final session on the Zoharic Shabbat, on Zoom, 1:00am – 1:00pm. The key document we will be studying shows how Zoharic understandings of Shabbat transformation were incorporated into practice in Tsfat. Time permitting, we will also taste something of the Zoharic Havdalah (particularly, the meaning of besamim–fragrant herbs and spices). We will ask: How do we take that final whiff of Shabbat into the week, into our world that so needs healing. How can Havdalah be a kiddush for the new week? I will provide the Havdalah text on Sunday morning.

So, we will explore these texts, share insights, try out a breathing meditation. The questions we will be asking are ones of entering and departing: how do we navigate these  transitions and consecrate–offer and receive the blessings from—these moments?

Hope you can join us, this Sunday March 14, 202111:00am – 1:00p


Meeting ID: 937 5591 4400
Passcode: 033695

Here’s to a joyous, renewing Shabbat,
Reb Elliot