Life Cycle Offerings

man in black and white striped suit standing beside woman in white floral lace wedding dress

The clergy at Pardes Hannah are available to officiate at Jewish lifecycle events and to provide guidance on how to personalize such events, while keeping them grounded in Jewish tradition.  

We also have listed a range of suggested fees for the various offerings because it has come to our attention that many people find this helpful. We understand that some are not in a financial position to pay within a suggested range; in such cases, we ask that people offer what they can afford.

End of Life 

The clergy are available to provide pastoral support when death is approaching, to officiate at funerals, to lead a shiva minyan and to provide pastoral support for bereaved families during the mourning period.  

Celebration of Life 

Ritual and/or prayer service for family and friends to celebrate the life of their loved one who is transitioning from this world and offer blessings of ease, peace, and healing of the soul.  $180-$360


  • Funeral:  $540 
  • Funeral with 1 shiva minyan:     $640
  • Shiva Minyan without funeral:  $180

Grief Ritual/Minyan

Spiritual support through community to help mourners on the journey of grieving through prayer and ritual.   ($180-$360)

Beginning of Life

Baby-Naming:   $180-$540 

Vach Nacht: $180-$360
Ritual (seder) for the family of a newborn the night before circumcision.

Circumcision & Covenanting Ceremonies: $360-$540
(Mohel is hired separately)   

Healing and Blessing Ritual/Minyan for the New Mother: $180-$360
Spiritual and community support for a new mother after the experience of pregnancy, child birth and new responsibilities of motherhood. 

B’nai Mitzvah 
(Youth & Adult)

  • Contribution to Pardes Hannah for the day of celebration:  $180-$360
  • B-Mitzvah would work with our clergy to prepare for chanting Torah, leading prayers, and writing a D’var Torah as well to learn about the responsibility of becoming B-Mitzvah: Fees to be arranged with individual clergy/tutor


  • Involves pre-marriage counseling, as well as co-crafting and officiating the ceremony: $1000-$1500
  • If the wedding is out of town, couple pays for officiant’s travel expenses.

Rites of Passage 

Pardes Hannah clergy and ritual artists are available to craft creative rituals grounded in Jewish tradition to mark significant life events:  $180-$500

  •          Menopause
  •          Retirement/New Chapter of Life
  •          Empty Nest
  •          Divorce
  •          Illness/Surgery
  •          Recovery from Illness
  •          (Re)Dedication of Home 

Healing Minyan

The Healing Minyan is an opportunity for family and friends of a loved who is suffering to gather together to offer blessings of support and prayers of healing: $180-$360

To inquire about a life cycle event, fill out and submit the form below with a brief description of your event.