Blessings for a Joyous, Spacious Pesach

traditional jewish matzo

Dear all,

May this Pesach bring us joy, good health, spacious insights and glimpses of a deeper, more inclusive liberation…May we have the occasion to think what are the “Mitzrayim”‘s, the constricted places in our lives: that we hold within, in our intimate relations, in our work, play and ways of thinking, in our spiritual practice…and how can we peel off some of those patterns that hinder and stymie us…Breathe in expansiveness and breathe out Possibility. And may we not only have occasion to contemplate this, but may we eat food of sustenance and delight, and share conversations that enliven and bring joy!

A gitn shabbes un a zissn pesach, Shabbat shalom ve-Pesach sameach (ok, for you exacting grammarians, u-Fesah same’ah!!!) May Spring spring, may we delight in the greening of our neighborhoods and homes! Stay tuned for our various Pardes Hananh offerings over the next weeks, including our Monday night Omer Counting!!

Reb Elliot

P.S. I’m sharing links to some fun ((and varied) Seder/Pesach songs: