High Holy Days 5780/2019

We focus this year on Being Present: Lih’yot Nokhah. A short reflection on this theme by Rabbi Elliot A longer reflection on this theme, also written by Rabbi Elliot Rabbi Ginsburg will lead services on the First Day of Rosh Hashanah, Monday, September 30 from 9:15 am to 1:30 pm at St. Aidans Church on... Continue Reading →

High Holy Days 5779/2018

A particularly challenging year in the political and global realms, and community members felt strongly that we should explore how to create deeper connections rather than focusing on what divides us from each other. In addition to the traditional themes of turning and renewal, the focus of this year's high holy days was on the... Continue Reading →

High Holy Days 5778/2017

Ve-taher libenu le-ovedekha be-emet Purify our hearts so we may serve You---and serve our communities and serve our planet--in truth Reflections on the theme from Reb Elliot Ginsburg As musical accompaniment for our davenen: consider two texts on the Pure Heart...one taking off from the Liturgy (R. Zalman) and the other an excerpt from Psalm 51.... Continue Reading →

High Holy Days 5777/2016

Gosher Gesharim: Creating webs of radical connection August 27, 2016Ellul-and-the-Days-of-Awe are a propitious time for us to explore the nature of our commitments and connections, our ability to stretch and re-calibrate. While daily life affords countless chances for reflecting on such bonds, the month of Ellul and the Days of Awe form a 40-day period... Continue Reading →

High Holy Days 5776/2015

Mishkan: Sanctuary—Encountering the Sacred in Space and Time. A Letter from Reb Elliot to the Pardes Hannah Community andDiaspora 19 Av 5775, August 4 2015 (revisited in early September, later Ellul, continuing unto the verydoorstep of Rosh ha-Shanah!) Pardes Hannah de-Michigan (Ann Arbor) Dear ones,Ahlan! Shalom aleikhem! Spirited Salutations! Yo!I hope this finds you healthy... Continue Reading →

High Holy Days 5775/2014

In addition to the traditional themes of turning and renewal, we will focus this year on the theme – Shalom, Large and small. Reb Elliot shares his vision of this year’s theme: “The word shalom is a prime example of the rabbinic notion of the small thing or the simple word that contains multitudes—whole worlds... Continue Reading →

High Holy Days 5774/2013

Weaving the Generations: Mi-Dor le-Door This year’s theme is (the envelope please), Weaving the Generations, or via our bilingual pun, Mi-dor le-door (wherein the generational interactions become a door of heightened possibility. We ask: how does (1) our specific generational placement, our temporal station in life, and (2) our conversations and deep relations across the... Continue Reading →

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