JCOR Update

assorted color bubble jackets hanged

Newcomer Updates

Jewish Congregations Organized for Resettlement (JCOR) volunteers are actively engaged with our newcomer family members, a mutually rewarding endeavor, as the 90-day anniversary of their arrival approaches.  The family members are taking steady strides in their transition to life in Michigan, including a shopping trip with JCOR to acquire winter-ready boots and socks, jackets and sweaters, gloves and scarves.  So equipped, their transition from balmy sunshine and gentle breezes to Michigan’s approaching snow and ice will be challenging, but not punishing. 

The teenagers are adapting well to middle school and high school, respectively, and the younger sibling has joined his school’s instrumental music program.  Both are rapidly acquiring English language skills, have received new prescription eyeglasses, and now can access the internet from home as needed for schoolwork.  Mom and Dad are actively engaged in the daunting process of searching for jobs, with help from JFS and JCOR in identifying employment opportunities and providing translation services and transportation for interviews.  The entire family is gaining a better understanding of the AAATA schedules, so much so that the parents’ first set of bus passes recently had to be renewed.  Parents and children regularly attend English as Second Language lessons.  They are all excited to acquire English skills, and the daughter—who has a knack for languages—has expressed an interest in learning additional languages, including specifically Chinese.

JCOR has a website

In October, JCOR volunteers built and launched the new JCOR website, jcorannarbor.org.  This valuable tool helps JCOR member congregations and volunteers stay connected and informed.  The page also provides an easy pathway for the broader community to learn about JCOR and for potential volunteers and donors to make contact.  Now that it’s build, we need a volunteer or two to keep it current. This is a tech, not writing role; all content will be provided.  Please consider if you, or someone you know, might be able to fill this critical need.