Monthly Zohar Study Session, This Sunday (8/9/20) 11 am to 1 pm on Zoom

The theme of this Sunday’s session is the Diminution and Healing of the Shekhinah/the Moon in the Zohar, a very rich teaching that probes such issues as Resilience, what happens when a loved one falls into depression, what it means to lose (and regain) one’s voice, and the importance of advocating for a beloved. We will also explore the antipode of diminution: returning the Shekhinah to Her rightful place, understood as undoing a cosmic injustice, and the attendant need to reimagine our understanding of, partnership with, and tikkun of— the divine!

This session may be of special interest to those interested in renewing the practice of Kiddush Levanah, the Blessing of the Moon, something that some of our members have been exploring of late, as well as for all the Zohar aficionados in our midst!

Texts will be provided in English, Aramaic, and Hebrew. For texts and questions, contact Rabbi Ginsburg,