Dreaming into the Light

worms eye view of spiral stained glass decors through the roof

November 2021      Kislev 5782    


 As we enter the new moon of the Hebrew month of Kislev, we keep our faith strong by following our hearts and connecting to our intuition, even in this darkest time of year. The miraculous is possible; that is the message embodied in the story of Chanukah we celebrate this month, symbolized by the discovery of one vial of pure oil that lasted for eight days, helping our people rededicate themselves to the One. What miracle can inspire us to dream again as one people in harmony with each other and the earth we inhabit?

The pathway to healing this month comes through sleep and our capacity to rest and rejuvenate while accessing a deeper source of wisdom and knowing in our dreams. At this time of darkness and conflict in our external world, we can enter a different dimension of being in our dream state, an interior space that connects all humanity and taps into our collective hopes and aspirations. Our sages teach that when we are asleep, our souls are able to journey to the higher realms, and our dreams convey soul messages.

What dreams are coming forward and turning into reality to inspire us and give us the hope we so desperately need? Three hopeful signs came my way just in the last week. This weekend our son visited us from Oregon, speaking at a recycling conference in Michigan that brought together innovative ideas from our brightest minds for the benefit of our planet and environment. My grandchildren are instructing me on the proper way to discard what I thought was trash and is actually a reusable resource. And at the tender age of 18, a young Dutch visionary founded the non-profit organization, Ocean Cleanup, that is revolutionizing the cleanup efforts of plastics in the Pacific Ocean.

So many people, young and old, across this globe are dreaming of transformational technologies that hold the hope of creating a healthier and safer environment for us all. So many are understanding how we have squandered the treasures of our earth, how we have marginalized our black and brown sisters and brothers, how we have slanted our history to deny the reality of our failings. 

These new realizations bursting into the light from the dark and subterranean recesses of our collective experience give me hope. They provide a beacon of truth amidst the confusion and chaos around us. In this month of darkness and light, let us invite in prophetic dreams that can illuminate our way forward, guiding us on unimagined pathways toward miraculous and startling new possibilities for healing the planet and her people.