Nesting: A Poem by Lucinda Kurtz


Sitting patiently
Protected in the corner nest
from the spikes and tangled lines that surround the sacred space
Slowly breathing in and out
Eyes open
Beak pressed against the thatch
Warm and comforting
She waits
She waits
She waits
Day after day
Breathing in and out
Living in eternal time.

Coocou coocou  coocou coocou
Her mate flies in from the nearby rooftop
To cover the cherished nest
To protect the precious eggs, the new life
The new generation of doves
Coming with an olive branch
Like a harbinger to Noah assuring us
That birds and trees and all life will continue and thrive
That life will go on
That new beginnings are possible
Despite the flood 
Despite the raging virus 
Despite the wildfires, earthquakes and tornadoes.

This loving couple assures us 
That devotion can be honored
That patience can be rewarded
That commitment can bring a miraculous unfolding
That compassion and gentleness can bring peace
That birth and rebirth can bring forth unimagined possibilities of
creativity and resilience
That the underlying current of life  joy.

Sitting patiently, impatiently, patiently
In our separate sacred spaces
Protected from the unseen danger
We wait
We wait
We wait
Hoping for an olive branch to show us it is safe to leave the Ark.  

–Lucinda Kurtz