New Revelations

sakura tree

May 2021   Sivan 5781


With the fragrances of spring awakening our senses and vaccinations in many of our arms, we enter the new moon of the Hebrew month of Sivan, the time to open our hearts and minds and receive with gratitude the myriad gifts here for us to savor.  As the buds open to the beckoning sun, so this month calls us forth to flower, to express our creativity, our new understanding of what we can offer this world even when the way forward may still be clouded with ambiguity.

 This weekend, we celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, honoring the experience of Moses and the children of Israel standing at Sinai to receive the word of God.  We acknowledge and cherish that revelation and also know that in each moment we are capable of receiving revelation, specific guidance for a new approach to our life and the life around us.

What new revelations about our relationship to each other and the earth have emerged during this introspective time of the pandemic, and how can they illuminate our life choices? The dark isolation of the pandemic helped me to midwife a new perspective on my life and gain a clearer vision of my path forward, accentuating the importance of my relationships with family, friends, community, and the Earth that sustains me.

Just this week I attended two shiva minyans, mourning and remembering  the lives of two beloved mothers of dear friends who had reached their late 90’s. I witnessed the outpouring of love and gratitude for lives well spent in love and commitment to family, community, and tradition. The previous week, I was with my 2-year-old grandson in Boston and watched this new soul joyfully exploring what this earth life is bringing him, everything full of potential and possibility. I revel in his exuberance and spontaneity, in his new eyes seeing with fresh vision, unclouded by what has come before.

This great cycle of life, from birth to death that defines our existence as human beings, constantly channels in souls with a higher level of awareness that can perceive and create what we as elders cannot even imagine. This is where hope lies for new perspectives on the challenges before us.  Consciousness continues to evolve and bring forth new interpretations of our holy scriptures as well as new technological solutions and creative masterpieces in all areas of endeavor that may lead us to a healthier relationship with our planet and each other.

The responsibility for blazing a new path forward after this global pause resides within each one of us as we struggle to release old wounds and triggers that keep us confined in limited ways of thinking that prevent us from hearing our inner guidance.   We each are capable of listening intently to the voice within and offering our piece of the larger puzzle of transformation.  We need to trust our guidance and believe in our ability to contribute to the unfolding of creation here and now.

Just as fresh blossoms unfold, promising the fruits and seeds of a new generation, so may we draw upon the wisdom of our elders and their years of life experience along with the new visions of our youth resonating to a new vibratory frequency.  Together we can create new possibilities for personal and planetary healing as we prepare to receive the Torah, the revelation, of this unique moment.