Rekindling Our Dreams

November 2020   Kislev 5781

As we enter the new moon of the Hebrew month of Kislev, we experience the darkest time of the year, the time when we must use our intuition, understanding, and courage to bring in the light, to keep our faith burning strong and clear in the midst of darkness, chaos and fear. In this moment, we are called to maintain our vigilance, our determination, our perseverance, as the very foundation of our democracy is challenged and a virulent pandemic is sweeping through our world. 

Throughout the history of the Jewish people and many others, there have been those leaders who wish to usurp power to themselves. And there are those forces that rise up in protest. We saw it in ancient times when a small band of dedicated souls, the Maccabees, sparked an uprising against the ruler of the Seleucid Empire, attracting enough followers to achieve victory.  The 36 candles we light during the eight nights of Chanukah honor their bravery and the human spirit reaching for freedom, for justice, for the light.

This week I have been overcome by a mixture of elation, anger, agitation and sadness, weeping for the vicious internal conflict that is seeping into the pores of our institutions, shredding the confidence people have in our system of voting and governance. This is the moment my spiritual practice is no longer practice; daily meditation, prayer, and grounding enable me to stay centered, hopeful, and able to believe that transformational changes will ultimately prevail. Without doubt, we are living through a pivotal historical moment and need to be resilient and vitally present, channeling our anger into action with wisdom and compassion.  

The energy of Kislev invites us to rekindle our hopes and dreams and to believe in miracles, symbolized by the one vial of pure oil that lasted for eight days that helped our people rededicate themselves to the One.  What will it take today to overcome the dark energy that sits heavily upon our nation and to move into the dream of freedom and justice for all that has guided us forward?

As we enter the darkest time of the year, the Kabbalists teach that the healing energy of sleep and the dreams that flow to us from the deep channels of connection to the One can spark our intuition and help us understand new frontiers for growth and expansion. Despite the challenges we face, I enter this month with a renewed belief in miraculous synchronicities and faith in the Divine Light that illuminates our path. Let us all step forward, in whatever way we are uniquely called, to contribute to the co-creation of a revitalized and re-envisioned country and global community at this momentous time of transition and possibility.