Sprouting Seeds

Like so many people in this country, I was horrified by the violent insurrection at the Capitol this week, deeply shaken by the desecration of the central seat of our democracy. I believe the raw anger and rage that we all witnessed was a quintessential manifestation of the energy of the month of Tevet that I reflected upon in last month’s letter, a dark month when we touch and uproot anger that has been festering within.

As we enter the new moon of the month of Shevat, the energy we experience is likely to shift gradually.  Shevat is a time of inner renewal and nascent creativity when the mystery of the creative process is hidden from our view; it resides deep within seeds, roots of trees, and the awakening mind of humanity, sparking the potential for transformation after release of negative forces that blocked expansion.  

Before the seed of an idea manifests on the physical level, it sprouts within our minds and hearts and carries the powerful energy of our souls into fruition. This is the nature of the creative process. This month, we are invited to trust in the possibility of new beginnings which will be enacted before all the world in the inauguration of our new president and the shift of power within the Senate. Just as the sap of the tree rooted in the earth is rising, so our creative juices are beginning to flow as we receive vaccinations that free us to manifest ourselves more fully, bringing forward the best of ourselves after the dark period of gestation and hibernation. 

The astrological sign for this month is Aquarius, symbolized by the water pitcher. It pours out  life-giving water that represents the abundance and expansiveness that expresses the energy of this month and nurtures the trees in our natural world that we celebrate with the holiday of Tu B’Shevat. 

This internal sprouting is a mysterious and hidden process; we don’t always know which of our ideas, projects and visions will bear fruit. When I lived in Atlanta for 15 years, I was the Founding President of the Georgia Women’s Political Caucus and worked with women all over the state to bring our vision and voices into the political process. Many of these same women put their hearts and souls and bodies into this Georgia election working alongside Stacey Abrams and leaders at the Martin Luther King Center to register new voters, raise funds, get out the vote and ensure a stunning victory of a black minister and young Jewish documentarian. With tears running down my face, I stayed up late enough on Tuesday night to see the momentum turn, to watch the votes come in from the suburbs of Atlanta where I had lived, and to rejoice in the stunning shift in consciousness that had enabled this victory. 

We don’t know what will unfold in the future from our dogged determination to create a healthy, more sustainable, equitable society. But we dare not lose faith in our capacity to create the change that is necessary. As human beings, we have a remarkable ability to influence the direction of creation. Taking responsibility to raise the sparks of energy back up to the One, we can do our part in raising the consciousness of creation.  Even if we cannot live to harvest the fruits from the trees we plant in our orchards, we know we have made a contribution to the health and well-being of our planet and future generations through our clear intentions and conscious actions.