Through the Fog and into the Light

person under delicate arch at night

June 2021      Tammuz 5781 

We are entering the new moon of the Hebrew month of Tammuz.This is a time to keep our eyes wide open to our own patterns and to what is unfolding around us; it’s a time of  healing our vision, so we can see more clearly, more accurately. At this moment, as I look at the world around me, it is through foggy spectacles. I look in my closet and don’t even recognize some of the clothes and ask myself where in the world I would wear them now. I don’t recognize some of the behaviors of my fellow Americans that are broadcast on my screens and realize it’s not just my own individual perception that is skewed. Our entire society is searching for some clarity as we collectively swim through the fog.

Perhaps we are blinded by insecurity and fear for our safety and future prospects like the spies Moses sent to view the Promised Land who allowed fear to cloud their vision. Are we seeing giants where there are none? What illusions are we seeing through distorted lenses? What will it take to clear our vision and see this planet as our common reality, the bedrock of our common existence and collective survival? Healing the individual distortions we each carry can help us move toward a more unified vision of the future.

Another hallmark of Tammuz throughout the flow of history is the dissolution of structures, both internal and external, that allows a greater clarity of vision to emerge from beneath the surface. In ancient times, this is the month that the Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem leading to the exile of the Jewish people into the diaspora and the creation of an entirely new way of life. For many of us, the upheaval of the pandemic destroyed the basic structures of our daily lives, our work routines, travel for vacations, visits to our children and grandchildren, doctor appointments, coveted holiday celebrations. 

The only way to create new structures that can serve us collectively for our future and the future of our children, grandchildren and the planet is to do this with clear vision. We are in the midst of a profound moment of transformation. Options for when and where and how we work and play and pray are expanding and challenging old categories and definitions, emboldening us to envision new life possibilities for ourselves. 

Let us use this month to defog our individual vision and co-create a collective vision that can allow us to see each other as part of the same creative Source united by a common destiny as inhabitants of this sacred planet Earth. Let us rebuild structures of our collective life, so we, as a global community, can move toward a future of harmony and sustainability beyond the false boundaries of our differences.